When U.S. enterprises want to sell their products or services in Spain, France, Germany or any country of the European Union they have to deal with a very different legal context which in fact is a legal barrier to extend themselves.

Privacy or e-commerce are some of the fields where things run unexpectedly to most of the U.S. eyes and restrictions in the use of data are found much more invasives.

The bright side is that European IT legal aspects are ruled by the same law in all the European territory, what makes things a little more comfortable. So, when you comply with the IT law of one of the European Countries, you in fact are complying with the most relevant aspects of all them.

Another important difference is the existence of Data Protection Autorities which are entitled to impose heavy penalties to protect privacy or prevent commercial malpractices on line.

We are very commited to raise the enterprises level of awareness,  in those aspects to protect their activities in EU territory, and to help them to make the right decisions ir order to get to Europe more advantageously.

European Data Protection Authority

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